Updates to the Friends At Gunpoint section occur about every week so check it out for a status report, MP3s and pictures. I will update the news if the possible October show(s) work out.

Won't you be our Friends At Gunpoint ?

Lo-Fi Fiction is currently working on the new album Friends at Gunpoint. Click here for the current updates. We are also without a bass player (again) as of right now. If our music catches your interest and you play bass, click here to drop us a line. Check back in a week or so. Updates will occur. I mean updates galore.

Get ready for the rawk! Its back, its on, and its all happens June 2. Click here for the gritty details. In other news, we have started pre-production for the upcoming Friends at Gunpoint full length record. We have been busy writing new material, recording old material, and practicing. Look for new demos soon.

What is up with the band Lo-Fi Fiction?
Um good quewstion. Peter is going to be gone through April and hopefully we will be playing some shows in May when he gets back. In the mean time, pre-production is being done on the album and work is being done to book shows. I have added a few misc. pictures to the site. Keep checking back for show updates, record progress, and pictures.

Not a ton of updates. I'm getting around to (a) booking shows and (b)updating the web site. First off I'm adding a rough mix of a new track from the upcoming album Friends at Gunpoint. The album will feature 10 - 12 of your favorite Lo-Fi Fiction songs and should be done by early summer. The song is called Don't Count Me Out and you can listen to it here. Pictures galore shall be added soon. Click here to check them out. In other news, Peter is taking up the bass full time for Lo-Fi. Let the year 2003 of rawk begin!

We have a show coming up this Friday. Our friend Peter (of the Wes Dando/Dolour fame) will be takin' up the bass and laying down the rawk. We will be playing a new song. So get your friends and come out to the show. Also check back soon for more show dates and new song demos (hopefully soon).

Happy New Year! We have one more show with Ruthie Starr on January 8th before she moves. Check out the shows page for more info. Waiting for Time to Bend, our new EP, will be on sale for $2 at this show only. Bring all your friends and come out to The Crocodile Cafe to give Ruthie a worthy rock send off. It should be a ton of fun. There will be pictures and maybe a couple of videos from the show so check back soon. And come support your lo-fi friends on Wednesday!!

More shows for you to see. Check out the shows page for more info. Erick and I finished our side project yesterday. The Regifters is our country Christmas band featuring Randy and Erick of Lo-Fi Fiction, Perry Fulfs of Freedirt and Paul Mumaw on drums. If you want to get some Christmas music on this season, check out the web page at There will be mp3s, photos, etc. Of course will be means I have to finish up the web site this weekend, but you know. WILL BE.

After a little more than a year of playing with Lo-Fi, Ruthie Starr is moving on (literally - she's moving to New York). All the band mates would like to say thanks for her time, effort, and the hard work. She will be missed. We are currently holding auditions for a bass player in lo-fi fiction. If you or someone you know plays the bass and would like to audition, please send an email to We will keep you up to date on the progess. Also, 2003 is going to be a good year for lo-fi. I feel it. A full length album is in the works. Keep posted and check back often. Starting in January 2003, MP3s, photos, video, who knows what else will document the whole experience!

Well well. The EP is done. The title is Waiting for Time to Bend and features Tonight is Alright, The Drive Home, Headache N Heartache, and Closure. It will be available at shows for the unbelievable price of $4 AND you will receive a free button. I posted the mixed versions of 2 songs to the web site. Check it out on the music page. And then come to a show and sing along. You know you want to. Speaking of shows, don't forget to mark your calendar for the next two weekends. You have 3 chances to see lo-fi!

SHOWS, SHOWS, and some SHOWS added to the shows page. Check it out. Better yet, come to a show and check out the new material and be the first in line for the new EP (name still being determined by band mates but my vote is for Girls, God and Politics) with the new songs on it, t-shirts and buttons. Fun times will be had by all lo-fi fans. Guaranteed or we will give you a button. In other news, we are recording more songs (we have 6 now). Word on the street is that this could be turning into the currently titled Friends at Gunpoint record that a few are waiting for. More on that (and more MP3's later).

Add almost one month later, we have something to show for the time spent recording. I'm posting 2 rough mixes of Tonight is Alright and Closure on the music page. Let us know what you think by visiting the contact page or email us at Also, we are presenting the new demos to a record label or two. We'll let you know if something works out.

You might have noticed a new intro to the site. It was from our promo shots taken by Karina Sprinkle (thanks Karina, you rawk!). I am working on posting them in the pictures section. We are wrapping up our promo pack as we speak to be mailed to labels, venues, and anyone else who fancies good music. We are also starting another recording of 3 or 4 more new songs as demos this weekend. I will post the MP3's as soon as we have something listen-able. Songs we are thinking about recording: Headache and Heartache, Tonight is Alright, The Drive Home, and Closure.

FINALLY! "Preview" is here. You can get your copy for only $4 bucks. See the music page for more info. I have also added lyrics for the demo cd on the music page as well. Thanks to everyone that came out to the last couple of shows. We had a great time and appreciate the support.

WHOA! It has been a while since an update. We are almost done with the demo. Just a few more songs to mix. The demo is going to be called "Preview". It will have 4 songs on it for about 4 or 5 bucks. New shows, new music, new info. Dig around the web site and check it out.

The recording is going well and we are almost done. We're really excited about one of the new songs, so I put it up. It hasn't been mixed yet, but it's just too cool not to share. Check it out on the Music page.

Ok I finally got around to posting the pictures from our last show at the Central on the 3rd. Thanks to all the Lo-Fi Fiction fans that made it out. Check out the pictures. In other news, we have drums and bass recorded for 4 of the 5 songs we are working on for the demo. We are heading back into the studio this weekend to try to finish it up. Check back next week for some new songs.

We had a great show last night. Thanks to everyone that made it out. You can check out the pictures here.

Made some updates to the site. We are pleased to announce that Barrett Nelson will be drumming with us. We will also be recording February 24. Look for new demos on the site sometime after that.

Posted a new show date, and fixed the old one. It's 2002 now, not 2001.

Posted a new demo, Complaining Killed My Alibi, to the music page. It is a little more pop then the norm, but was fun to record.

Working on the web site and preparing for the show. We are also working on our demos for our upcoming 4 song EP thing. You can check some of it out under music.