Wanna hear a little of our stuff? Well download an mp3. Below are a few of our demos. You can also visit our site at to get smaller mp3s of the versions below. New show videos will be coming soon.

Friends at Gunpoint Demos! NEW NEW NEW! These are rough mixes so no pouting.
Don't Count Me Out
Political Games (Instrumental Version)

Here is the latest off of Waiting for Time to Bend. Download and enjoy!
Tonight is Alright

To get your very own copy of "Waiting for Time to Bend" (our second 4 song EP) send $5 bucks to the following address and be sure to include your address (or come to a show). ($4 for the cd and $1 for shipping)

Randy Bacon
Lo-fi Fiction
312 N 85th ST #101
Seattle, WA 98103

"Waiting for Time to Bend" features the following songs: Tonight is Alright, The Drive Home, Headache N Heartache, Closure.

Old Demos
Five Days and Moments Later
Complaining Killed My Alibi

Complaining Killed My Alibi
Five Days and Moments Later
Tonight Is Alright
The Drive Home
Headache N Heartache
Don't Count Me Out

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