Lo-Fi Fiction began in the year 2000 when Randy Bacon concluded that there are better things to do indoors on rainy Seattle days than watch TV and play "vidya games." With roommate Erick Newbill, the pair decided that their final year of college (and last bits of money) would be spent amassing recording gear and making music. Randy quickly began recording the home demos that defined Lo-Fi's first incarnation of bassist Ruthie Starr, drummer Josh Head, and himself. Impressed with this early work, Erick joined on guitar and Lo-Fi became a proper rock outfit.

When relations with Josh soured, the band recruited Barrett Nelson to play drums, bringing Lo-Fi Fiction to a new level of musicianship. After playing a handful of successful shows in Seattle and self-releasing two EP's, Ruthie Starr announced in late 2002 she was moving to New York, much to the chagrin of Barrett, Erick and Randy. Erick's former band mate Peter Sanderson (Wes Dando, Dolour) was next to join Lo-Fi, and today fills the shoes of "white middle class bass player" for the band.

Though quite agreeable while crafting their tunes, the members of Lo-Fi Fiction draw from a diverse pool of influences. Randy's ability to channel the raw energy of Frank Black and the Foo Fighters, Peter's affinity for all things Lennon/McCartney, to Erick's obsession with Blur and Catherine Wheel, and Barrett's love for U2 have enabled Lo-Fi Fiction to create some of the most expressive and important rock you'll hear today.

Focusing on past relationships and familial bust-ups, Randy's lyrics invite the listener to take part in his story. At live shows, audiences enjoy a passionate and unique delivery each time Randy approaches the mic, setting him apart as a truly engaging frontman.

Watch for their debut album "Friends at Gunpoint" in late 2003.

- Penny Kalmia May 2003


Randy is the lead singer, guitar player and over the top front man of lo-fi fiction. Randy enjoys long walks on the beach. Randy does not enjoy being told he looks like Jack Black.

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Quick wit and classy guitar playing. That is all you need to know.
Barrett trashes multiple drum sets and makes putting Randy Bacon generated loops in songs difficult. He enjoys drums. He does not enjoy comments about his height deficit.